Asaf Tennessee Mann, Director and Architect, began an architectural career in the Berlin firm of Naegeli Architects, and is presently a partner in Mann Shinar Architects, leading such projects as Ramon International Airport and the National Library in Jerusalem, in partnership with Herzog and De Meuron Architects of the Tate Museum.

With an itch for Cinema, T. MANN began writing scripts and shooting short movies, receiving an MFA in filmmaking from Tel-Aviv University.

Growing up most of his childhood in “Whiskey Point”, an Irish neighborhood in Boston, Mass.
T. MANN was influenced from the American environment and Cinema, from the Beastie Boys, to Star Wars, Terence Malik, David Lynch, Francis Ford’s Rumble Fish, Brian Adams and Bon Jovi.

“Growing up in the tough Brookline surrounding, got me at times to escape from fights into my room and imagination, while still workin’ my way thru the hood as a dreamy outsider. It positioned me into a restless being constantly looking for an edge and act by this motto:

“Just do it” + “Think different” = “Revolution now”

Named after the American playwright Tennessee Williams, one of his great inspirations being “A Streetcar Named Desire”, T. MANN felt the urge to focus on directing.

Alongside his architectural career, he began directing music videos interlacing homages from famous cinematic films he loves.

He began working with various artists, focusing on the London based Island Record’s artist PETITE MELLER, for which he directed “BABY LOVE” with more than 9 million views, nominated for Best Video of the Year in the LA and Berlin Music Video Festivals, and “BACKPACK” which was nominated for Cannes Lion’s Best Video of the Year.

With his other videos such as “THE FLUTE”, “ICEBEAR”, “MILKBATH”, “NYC TIME” and more, T. MANN has gained worldwide coverage and recognition by “Vogue”, “MTV”, “Dazed and Confused”, “Spin”, “Fader”, “Time”, and the Fashion Industry at large.

Lately, T. MANN began expanding his contribution to the commercial industry with Television Ads for “Wissotzky Tea” and Fashion collaborations with American Apparel’s Mexican fashion photographer Napoleon Habeica.

Currently, T. MANN is working on a script for his future debut movie, and has joined AGILE Films represented by OB Management in the UK.